gnome hymns for humyns

by bemya nymh

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Jon Felton
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Jon Felton I am so happy about this recording. Nothing can match the magic of hearing these songs live, and being called to join into them, but this recording is enough. In bemya's choice and delivery of words there is a joy, sensitivity, and a sort of generosity and forgiveness I associate with grace. These come together as a sweet strength, a refreshing kind of masculinity. The songs bring me joy, and seem suited to his gnomish work.
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recorded at lookout arts quarry,
during a two week artist residency,
under a taurus sun,
in the cradle of the full moon,
by the use of orphan robots.
all samples are sounds of the quarry.

best listened to in headphones*
or with a thick woofer,

* these tracks are lofi, unmastered, and get fatly heavy from pretty skinny at the drop of a beat.


released May 20, 2014

written, performed & recorded by bemya nymh
udu & drums sampled of joshua rudolph
claps & laughs sampled of quarriors

cover photo & cannonball recording by oneiric eric parthum
lettering & layout by bemya nymh

MY UTMOST GRATITUDE to all my beloved quarriors for your love, support, magic & inspiration, i am deeply in love with you all. the ryan who sold me robots on the cheap, making all this recording possible, happy paddling wherever you are. murph at barefoot builders for your spiritual brotherhood, for putting tools in my hands & giving me shelter. daisy, for discovering magic with me, encouraging me to follow my heart, & loving me so truly. karla mi lugo, for always nurturing the performer in me & bringing me to the quarry. sean, for being the perfect brother to crack my cosmic egg with. aimee, your way & your magic songs inspire me. all the merchants of reality, for your support & creative playfulness. brook, rusty, ray, jona, alexa, elsie, all my dear friends up & down the west coast. lela, for playing in the dirt & trees with me. my beloved friends from the carnival de resistance for showing me how to bring the wild gospel to civilized church people. seth martin & the menders for singing the songs i needed so deeply to hear. bee & matt, for keeping me alive in the winter & being the best siblings i could wish for. mom & dad, for making my body, giving me life, raising me in civilization, and for loving me in your unique ways. to every living being i have ever encountered, for meeting me where i am on my path, and teaching me what i needed to learn when i needed it most. to the earth, air, water, fire & the spirit which moves through all things for this holy experience of life. I LOVE YOU ALL, NO MATTER WHAT.




bemya nymh Bellingham, Washington

gnome-ling raised by civilized humans.
i sing for love, for healing, for to mend our wild roots.
i love you, no matter what.

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